WTF Scenes in Bollywood

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8. Housefull – Queen’s Palace Episode

Sajid Khan’s second directorial venture after the semi-successful Hey Babyy was a homage to several farcical no-brainers like A Night in the Museum, Hangover and Meet the Parents. Even while the critics went all out slamming the movie for its distasteful humor quotient, Sajid didn’t quit proclaiming the movie a hit.

The promos set the expectations right and the purpose appeared served, as that of merely eliciting a few laughs. So the ‘will-be-done-to-death’ Bollywood gag order of gay humor, bathroom jokes, racist quirks were (mis)used yet again, but the jokes fell flatter than the abs of the leading ladies who didn’t do much except strut in bikinis. And amidst a ‘housefull’ of loops and goofs, when you think the worst is over, an OTT climax scene is introduced, one that gives a whole new meaning to appalling.

The mentioned sequence has laughing gas accidentally let free (by a duo of Sardars?!!?) at an event in the Buckingham Palace involving the entire cast, foreign extras as well as a royal family lookalikes in attendance. The lookalike Queen of England understanding/mouthing Hindi words, along with the other lookalike members of the British royal family in the British palace, laughing hysterically even though they are all annoyed, fuming at each other and so are the audiences by then. Sajid should have known he was stretching the humor way too much for the audiences comfort!

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