Bollywood for Uma Thurman?

Posted on October 31st, 2010 in News

Uma Thurman, of Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction fame has said that she would love to star in a Bollywood movie. The actress spent time in India during her childhood and regards the country like her second home. She says, “My relationship with the East began during my early years in India. I feel completely comfortable in Delhi; it’s part of my heart.”

Speaking about her full name, Uma Karuna Thurman, she says, “I got the name Uma because my father is a Sanskrit scholar and a Tibetologist. When I was born, he was at Harvard University getting his PHD. So I got Uma, which means ‘may she not suffer’.”

About starring in a Bollywood film she says, “If I see a script for one that makes sense, it would be an absolute thrill for me.”

Kuch Toh Bolo!


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