Hisssss – Here Come the Naagin!

And that’s not all – Mandakini and Rajiv Kapoor pulsated together in Naag Nagin (1989), not to be confused with Nagin aur Suhagen (1976) with Vijay Arora and Rita Bhaduri or the Pakistani movie Naag aur Nagin form 1979 with Saima and Moammar Raina – all of which concerned a snake couple turning into humans and then one or other of the partnership being led astray by a human with revenge of the other being the ultimate result. Originality is not a terribly well sought after prize in this genre. Also, fidelity is clearly a big issue amongst snake gods. B-movies also included Pyaasi Nagin and Jungle ki Nagin (2003) with sultry Reena Kapoor, who with her sinuous interpretation deserved to waggle onto greater things.

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