Hisssss – Here Come the Naagin!

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Finally, we are of course all looking forward to seeing Mallika Sherawat undulate and slide her way through Hisss! Directed by the American Jennifer Lynch and also starring Irrfan Khan, the film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September. Interesting fact is that in the post-production, the special effects scheduled to take as long as the original filming schedule. Picked up by the same distributors as Slumdog Millionaire, could we conceivably be looking at a new Oscar contender here? Only the meandering sidereal progress of time will tell!! If it takes off, we can expect a slew of supporting marketing goodies — comic books, action figures and the like – perhaps even a Mallika snake goddess costume for that very special person in your life!! At the very least, it’s given Mallika the opportunity to spend six months in Hollywood and she’s certainly made the most of it, wriggling her way into just about every social function available and already encircling a Hollywood role in a movie based on the life of the local Attorney General. Let’s hope she can dip her fangs into the honey pot of corporate finance and build a nest for herself in Venom City. Hisss, slithers into theaters on Friday October 22nd! Be sure and check out our interviews with Mallika and bad guy Jeff Coucette.

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