Who’s Hot Who’s Not: HDIL Couture Week, Opening Bash

Posted on October 10th, 2010 in News

The actress who has now become a rarity to Indian cinema surprises by her presence but sadly not in a good way. Whilst the dress and hair may just be passable, we simply can’t think why she would pick up that clutch purse and choose that colour of lipstick! Did you choose those whilst the lights were around Sameera Reddy? Or did you just forget that red-lipstick no longer is what is used to be?

Verdict – NOT HOT!

Sanjay Kapoor lives up to the good looks that run in the family and plays it safe with black/white combination suit.

Mahdeep on the other hand is no wear near the same category. The hair and dress are quite fine but the red handbag leaves us gobsmacked! What were you think? Clearly she like Sameera too chose her clutch bag in the dark! Damn those electricity outages.

Verdict – Sanjay Kapoor – HOT!
Mahdeep Kapoor – NOT HOT!

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