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10may kites new york press09 Kites RepriseSo it’s the week after the big release of Kites and the star-studded European premiere of the movie in London’s Leicester Square… our writers Rima Bhatia and Amrita Tanna who attended the event as well as the screening, discuss their thoughts about the movie, their likes and their dislikes and of course give their final star rating! Check out what they had to say about Kites!

I can’t believe it’s been a week since the big event already! So Rima, you’ve had a week to ponder about the film and the experience in general…

I think you could tell the film was an Anurag Basu direction: adulterous relationships, very passionate, violent, a bit dark, themes that are quite constant in all his films. I can see why Rakesh Roshan wanted him to direct the story; it is right up his street….

I have to agree with Anurag though when he said Kites wouldn’t fit into any particular category, it does have a bit of everything in it.

What did you think Amrita?

I feel that Kites has fulfilled my expectations in levels I didn’t ever think it would. I think that the Kangana-Hrithik jodi was an interesting one, and worked out well. However, I cannot praise the Barbara-Hrithik jodi enough. Their portrayal of Jay and Natasha is what kept me hooked throughout the film. It is simply their depiction of underlying love, despite the language barrier, which will hold the audience. It goes without saying that they are both sizzling in their own right!

10may kites new york press07 Kites RepriseRIMA
I too liked Hrithik’s pairing with Kangana – a possible future jodi for a full length Hindi film? The chemistry between the Hrithik and Barbara is amazing; I have to say that Hrithik and Barbara are going to be up there in my list of favourite jodi’s after seeing this film. You are right when you say you can’t praise them enough. It was their story right the way through and the film belongs to them, and rightly so considering all the hard work they have put into it because it shows right the way through.

I did get a bit annoyed with certain things being quite predictable like the ‘tell me how you say I love you’ in Hindi/Spanish and the characters being taught a rude phrase instead. It is a bit predictable. It has been done a couple of hundred times so you can see it coming a mile off, I liked Hrithik’s one liner about the kiss though (when they are in the forest) I thought that was quite amusing.

Hmmm… I’m not too sure. I think with Bollywood films in general, there are always going to be concepts, which are predictable and seen before. I think it’s the treatment of them that’s the most important part and will determine whether a film works or doesn’t work. For Kites, I feel that everything about it is fresh – from the pairing of Hrithik with Kangana, to Barbara Mori, to the immense chemistry and passion that’s portrayed by all of the characters.

Tell me what you thought of ‘Fire’? Kangana’s dancing…did it work for you?

I loved watching Kangana dance; I don’t think she has done any dance type roles before so I appreciated the slight crack in the mould there. I won’t say breaking the mould as she did have a role that was familiar territory with the whole jilted lover angle… It is almost as though every time the script calls for a jilted/psycho/unstable female role she is automatically pencilled in for the role, I really want to see her do something else.

I love Kangana dancing; I want to see more of her dancing mostly due to curiosity. She danced with Hrithik and managed to hold her own. Okay, so she wasn’t on screen for that long and it was mostly Hrithik dancing (not that I am complaining) but it was almost a teaser, like her telling the crowds- ‘hey look at me… I can actually dance and you didn’t know that.’ I actually want to see her in a full fledged dance number now. The one thing I am disappointed about is I didn’t get to see a full on dance between Hrithik and Barbara – I hear that she is a brilliant dancer and I would have loved to see them dance. Can you imagine the chemistry between them if they had danced together?

10may kites new york press06 Kites RepriseAMRITA
Yes…that would’ve taken the film and the music to a different level. During the red carpet, Barbara looked totally stunning and the way she spoke about Bollywood was as if she wasn’t just excited about this film but also very much wanting to stay on and give the audiences more mixed-culture films. Also as this film is being remixed to cater for the International audiences, I think it will also put Hrithik, in particular, on the International stage – and rightly so. He is not only good-looking, but also an awesome dancer and those eyes…. Wow! Okay, I’m moving off the point slightly…

(Laughs) As for the music; like Hrithik I am a fan of hard hitting beats and danceable music so I have had ‘Fire’ on repeat for a while. There is something about that tune that makes it very relaxing almost due to the hypnotic trance style but incredibly energizing at the same time. I mean I am using it when I get home from work and I want a couple of minutes just to unwind and relax, but then I use it when I am gymming as well. It is a truly multi-purpose track – the picturisation helped me like it a lot more too.

I’ve got to be honest here – there was just the one song in the soundtrack that made an impression on me and that was ‘Zindagi Do Pal Ki’. Having seen the film, my opinion has completely changed. The music of the film comes alive when you watch it. Hrithik’s singing debut in ‘Kites in the Sky’ was pretty good and you see the significance of the lyrics when you see the film. ‘Fire’ is, by far, one of the best-picturised and choreographed songs I’ve seen in a film in a long time and with Hrithik’s dance moves, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. I’m leaving the special one last and that is ‘Dil Kyun Yeh Mera’ – this song is officially my favourite of the soundtrack. Once again, the visual treatment of the song isn’t particularly amazing and neither is it innovative, but its simplicity captured my heart. Hrithik and Barbara’s stolen looks, their eye contact, the way they looked – it all had a very Hollywood feel I reckon.

10may kites new york press08 Kites RepriseRIMA
I liked ‘Dil Mera Kyun’ for the same reasons as you. It is a very simple, very sweet, track. It is more about conveying the emotions through eye contact and it was really well executed.

Kites is the kind of film to make Indian cinema proud. It’s beautifully shot, the plot is fresh, it’s believable and, in Hrithik and Barbara’s words, it’s made with a lot of love. Attention has been paid to every detail and it depicts everything that’s lovable about Hollywood cinema, but still remains grounded and loyal to Bollywood. In my opinion, this is what cross-over cinema is truly about!

Well, Kites is a complete Bollywood entertainer and I think that it is important to say this, essentially Kites is a Bollywood film that is crossing over to the international market, and it will do it really well on an international platform. It should also successfully launch Hrithik on to the world stage. Giving it a rating out of 5 – I would probably give it 3.5 – 4. Harsh??? Probably. But I really wanted to see Hrithik dance with Barbara in a full on salsa number. That would have made me the happiest person on the planet (that is the dancer in me speaking). The slight predictability in certain situations annoyed me but I think that might be because I have seen so many Hindi films that I can kind of guess what is going to happen, still 70% – 80% is not bad. It will be interesting to see how the Remix is received in America.

10may kites new york press10 Kites RepriseAMRITA
Yes, I think that would be an interesting watch! This is the first Bollywood film, which will have an International version releasing as a separate entity. I, for one, truly hope that this film puts Hrithik Roshan firmly on a world platform. He has a very international look and those devilishly good looks and understated acting talent should be appreciated worldwide.

I would give this film a very strong and sturdy 4.5/5, however, if you are expecting all of the razzmatazz of a conventional Bollywood movie, it may fall short in your expectations. For those who are all for the thrill and romance essentially targeted at an international audience but with all of Bollywood’s ingredients thrown in, you will be left with the belief that Bollywood cinema really CAN get as good as this!

Well, it seems these two really could go on forever. Kites has become the film with the second biggest opening in the history of Indian cinema. BollySpice wishes the team of Kites all the very best of luck and we hope that Kites continues to soar high nationally and internationally.

Kuch Toh Bolo!


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