Actresses Ranjitha and Ragasudha in Swami Sex Scandal?

Posted on March 5th, 2010 in News

For days, people asked who was the Bollywood starlet allegedly wrapped up in the Swami Paramahamsa Nithyananda sex scandal. The false swami has been accused of cheating by the Tamil Nadu police. “We have filed a case based on a complaint lodged by a few high court advocates,” a police spokesman said, “It is alleged that he betrayed the trust of people. We are investigating the matter.”

A video of the swami having sex and popping pills with two Tamil actresses was broadcast on television and led to howls of protest and a near-riot which led to his ashram being burned down. The godman, who had launched his eternal mission in Chicago, has now gone into hiding. His followers, meanwhile, are claiming that the video has been faked or that if it is the swami, he must have been drugged.

The actresses Rajnitha and Ragasudha, who have been named by some as the women in the video are remaining silent. The scandal follows a similar story earlier in the week when another swami was exposed for running an ashram offering sexual services.

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