Bollywood’s Hottest Women

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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

No selection of hot women anywhere in the world could look complete without those penetrating green eyes, hinting at a central Asian ancestry, and those very succulent lips. It’s not been a good year film-wise for Aish with both Endhiran and Raavan becoming difficult productions to work through, but she can console herself with the thought that most men would be prepared to dip themselves in honey and attach themselves upside down from a streetlamp if it would save her from the harassment of a single fly. Things should look up for her next year, movie-wise, with the release of her two blockbusters and the intriguing Action Replay in which she plays an old woman. And then of course there’s the possibility of playing Mumtaz, one of the most beautiful women who has ever lived…a role that only Aish could do.

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