Gen-X Bollywood

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Shahid Kapoor is the new Shah Rukh Khan

Since his very first film Ishq Vishk, people have compared the young heartthrob with the superstar. Not only for some of his mannerisms that seem so like SRK, but his boyish good looks as well. However, like Shah Rukh Khan, Shahid has gone on to prove he is more than his looks and has shown he can really, really act! Both actors are known for their romancing of the ladies and have made many a girl sigh. However, it is not only the romances they excel at, they also have tried darker characters, as well as comedies, and have played them to perfection. Besides the looks, the acting ability and the way they romance both actors have that “It” star quality and when they come on screen the frame is energized. Shahid is still fairly new to the industry but he has already made his mark and especially this year with his outstanding performance in Kaminey! He is well on his way to following in King Khan’s footsteps of being a superstar. We cannot wait to watch and see how Shahid’s career goes from here! Next up for the hunkstar is Chance Pe Dance and we know he is going to blow us away once again!

We know we are going to enjoy every second of watching not only the new Gen X, but also Aamir, Salman, Ajay, and Shah Rukh as they continue on their fabulous careers and give us even more great performances! We cannot wait to see what each will show us next! We think it will be interesting to look at this again in 5 years and see who is the next Shahid, Ranbir, Neil, Abhay and Imran! We will be here be sure you are too!

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