Aamir may be the new Forest Gump

Posted on February 5th, 2009 in News

There is a new buzz in the air, suggesting that Aamir Khan may do a remake of the hit film Forest Gump. When asked about which film Aamir would like to remake into Hindi, Aamir replied “It’s Tom Hanks’ Forest Gump.” Aamir Khan insisted that the film is wonderful and that Tom Hanks has done a fantastic job. The film was shot with so much precision that Aamir Khan, being the perfectionist that he is, couldn’t think of any other film to remake.

Let’s look at it from another angle. Both Aamir Khan and Tom Hanks are perfectionists and are one of the most reliable actors, respectively in their own film fraternities. Keeping that in mind, it is definitely clear on why Aamir wants to remake the film. Within no time we all may be saying “Run Aamir Run”. Here’s wishing that the remake is just as good as the original!

Kuch Toh Bolo!


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