Top 10 Actresses of 2008

5. Soha Ali Khan (Mumbai Meri Jaan, Dil Kabaddi)

What’s so great about Soha Ali Khan is that unlike her contemporaries, she’s taken a radically different approach to her profession. If she wanted, she could have played the ‘star-sister’ card and waited until mundane roles from big banners fell in her lap. In fact, she’d probably be a bigger star today if she took that road. However, Soha has consciously accepted roles that challenge her as an actress even if they don’t earn her as much commercial recognition. In this year’s Dil Kabaddi, she exercised a bit of comic timing. But it was in Mumbai Meri Jaan where she was able to move audiences, delivering her best performance to date. Slowly but surely, Soha is emerging as one of the strongest actresses in the industry.

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