Top 10 Movies of 2008

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4. Mumbai Meri Jaan

As mentioned in BollySpice’s review, Mumbai Meri Jaan could easily have become a depressing film, but what is so brilliant about it is that you never feel the burden of such an intense subject. Instead, you remain proud of the silent strength each of the characters in the film possesses. In fact, the film is not about 7/11 or terrorism at all. It’s about several characters who think they are grounded until tragedy strikes and they are forced to question themselves. This film works because of the raw reality of its characters and the depth that they all bring to the film. With so many characters, Kamat could easily have created various caricatures but the fact that you understand each and every one of the film’s characters is such a monumental triumph. This film is easily one of the most moving cinematic experiences of the year.

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