10 Biggest Disasters of 2008

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8. Chamku

Priyanka Chopra really must learn to choose her friends more carefully. She has always been grateful to Bobby Deol for giving her some breaks early in her career and this has led her to always supporting his projects, no matter how retrograde and facile they may be. Chamku was one such project. Through a careful and dedicated process of self-hypnosis, I had managed to erase all memory of this unintentional paean to the lost decade of Bollywood film-making – until sorting through my collection of DVDs the other day when I caught sight of the cover and the whole horrific mess came flooding back to me. The film is about as original as a politician telling lies. I may require intensive therapy for weeks.

Although made on a small budget, the film’s income of just 2cr makes this one of Priyanka’s worst ever movies and a box-office disaster.

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