10 Biggest Disasters of 2008

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6. Ugly Aur Pagli

Mallika’s run of bad luck also included Ugly Aur Pagli. This girl has such a great character that she deserves to have some really big successes but 2008 was not her year. Ugly Aur Pagli should have been a great movie. Mallika performed with the greatest of gusto and Ranvir Shorey provided the perfect whipping boy – so what went wrong? It’s hard to say really. The lead performances were both fine and the concept, based on the Korean movie My Sassy Girl, was also strong – but the script really amounted to nothing more than a series of scenes with little forward momentum and the film seemed to be going nowhere fast. The audience seemed to agree. I tell you what, though, it would be no.1 in my list of Top Ten Movie Posters this year!

On a relatively low budget, the box office takings of about 7cr should push this into profit once DVD sales and download distribution rights are added.

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