10 Biggest Disasters of 2008

Posted on January 12th, 2009 in Features, Movies

4. God Tussi Great Ho

In Dante’s Inferno, in the ninth circle of Hell, sinners meet with Satan himself. He stands in an icy tomb, weeping tears of blood from his six eyes, consoling himself by consuming the sinners below for breakfast, dinner and tea. If there were a tenth circle of Hell, you can bet the sinners would be forced to watch God Tussi Great Ho, laughingly called a comedy film, on an eternal loop. Now, by all accounts, Salman Khan is a decent enough fellow, generous of heart, charming, a talented painter, prone to being a bit emotional perhaps, but certainly kind to attractive young newcomers. However, I can only imagine his agent must really hate him and Salman hasn’t cottoned on to the fact as yet. Try to think through his last dozen or so movies — how many were the kind of hit you would expect from an A-list star? I rest my case. This ludicrous remake of Bruce Almighty was an insult to all concerned — poor Priyanka. I wonder if she has the same agent as Salman?

With a huge investment in production and distribution of 80cr, the box office takings of just 16cr make this another huge flop for Priyanka and Salman.

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