10 Biggest Disasters of 2008

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3. Love Story 2050

Love Story 2050 also had a beautiful woman with colour-washed hair – perhaps there’s a pattern developing here? This time it was Priyanka Chopra who looked gorgeous in red hair which no doubt helped to cover up her red face – red with embarrassment, having found herself in a movie without a decent script once again. Certainly, Priyanka herself had nothing to be embarrassed about – her performance was more than competent. Her beau, Harman Baweja, on the other hand appeared to be all over the place with his performance, looking and acting like his ambition was to be a second-string body double for Hrithik Roshan – and then there was that irritating little teddy bear robot. Ugghh! The plot? Okay, let’s not go there. It’s so stupid and full of holes anyway. Enough to say it’s a kind of smorgasbord of Flash Gordon, The Time Machine, Buck Rogers and Somewhere in Time. There are a couple of interesting mysteries linked to the film, however. The first is how come such an experienced and competent professional as Boman Irani ever got himself involved in the project in the first place and the second is how come Harry Baweja managed to sell the DVD rights for such a high price – even after the movie had already bombed at the box office? A total investment of around 100cr in production and distribution netted a miserable 12cr at the box office.

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