10 Biggest Disasters of 2008

2. Karzzzz

The 1975 movie, The Reincarnation of Peter Proud, was a BMW of a movie — a fascinating if slightly heavy plot that caught the imagination of the audience of the time, competently acted, directed and promoted — quality through and through. The 1980 Rishi Kapoor Bollywood version, Karz, was a Jaguar of a movie, grabbing you by the throat, roaring away with your emotions, providing great drama (and even greater melodrama), superb acting, fascinating cameos and a first-class turbo-charged final act. The 2008 Himesh Reshammiya version, Karzzzz (the extra ‘z’s indicate the extra sleep you’ll achieve when watching it) is a Tata Nano of a movie — and that’s being unfair to Tata which is a very progressive and well-managed car company. Karzzzz is a blob of a movie. It chugs alone sedately, safely, with no thrills and definitely no unwelcome surprises. Himesh chose an expression at the beginning of the movie and then proceeded to wear it in every scene to make things easier for the audience presumably. “Anyway,” he seems to be saying, “The movie’s not important — you already know the plot — everyone’s seen the Rishi Kapoor film.Good, wasn’t it? Just listen to my music instead, man.” The film did have Shweta Kumar, however. She deserves to be reincarnated into a better role in the future.

Taking only 12cr at the box office on the back of a jumbo-sized budget and multiple prints, Karzzzz is our choice as the second-biggest disaster of the year.

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