Most Improved Celebrities of 2008

Posted on January 4th, 2009 in Features, Stars

Preity Zinta (The Last Lear, Heroes and Heaven on Earth)

Unlike her contemporary Rani Mukerji, Preity Zinta looks like she’s saved her career at just the right time. Approximately two years ago, Preity was slowly fading into history with several average roles that didn’t require much from her. She quickly turned around and signed Rituparno Ghosh’s The Last Lear which eventually traveled the globe at several film festivals and landed this year in India to fairly average reviews. Still, Preity was noticed for attempting something different was praised for her performance. Heroes has been her only mainstream release this year, but critics and audiences alike were unanimous that Preity’s performance is fantastic and amongst the best in the film. But it has been Deepa Mehta’s Heaven on Earth that has given Preity maximum exposure this year, garnering her a Best Actress award from the Chicago International Film Festival. Though the film has not yet released in India (it has only released in some countries), I urge all audiences to watch the film to witness Preity’s best-ever performance.

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