Kareena Kapoor in the Alps

Posted on December 15th, 2008 in News

Kareena Kapoor has decided that the only way she can get a rest from her daunting schedule is to disappear off the scene for a holiday — so she’s packed her bags and is off to the Alps for the Christmas period. Saif has arranged to be with her for a five-day period. “Kareena doesn’t want to be seen in any party or event during Christmas or New Year or because she feels it is very inappropriate after of the terror attacks,” said a source.

Kareena seems to be attracted to cold weather. She was recently shooting with Aamir Khan in the mountainous region of Ladakh for 3 Idiots and was also with Karan Johar’s home production in Philadelphia where the temperature dropped to minus three. “It was the coldest night of my life,” she says, “You’ve no idea what it was like in that heavy snowfall with a unit of 80 people. But it looked like heaven.” Luckily, Saif was also there to keep her warm.

Meanwhile, as we reported trendsetter Kareena has announced the end of the Size Zero fashion. With Indian audiences clearly preferring their women to look less androgynous, she has decided she won’t be keeping to a strict diet anymore. “People used to wonder what ‘size zero’ is and I’d joke, ‘Just look at me’. I don’t want that any more,” she explains, “I want to look like a normal healthy girl. My forthcoming releases required me to get back to a fuller shape.”

She will be keeping her new shape for Mr & Mrs Khanna, which will also star Salman Khan.

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