Who is DhakkaMan??

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In the world’s second most populated country, Pushing might as well be christened as the National sport. Why? Firstly, this sport does not discriminate between rich & poor, young & old. Secondly, you can practically play it anywhere. Yes, from roads to parks, to public transport and temples to school assembly lines. Lastly, you HAVE TO play this sport whether you like it or not.

You don’t even need a reason to play this game. Step out of your home and it begins. Just like the game of Monopoly, the game of Dhakka never ends. If you could have a rupee for every time you got pushed, nobody would be poor in our country. But, if you really do need a reason, here are a plenty of them, take your pick: too many people, to get ahead of others, for fun, for a better view when you are shorter than the person standing in front of you, to bully others.

Convinced? No? Well there are many more Dhakka stories:

But lately there’s been a new buzz in town with an unidentified entity known to people only as DhakkaMan! People are wondering who is this Dhakka Man. Some think that finally their saviour has arrived to protect them while others are speculating if he is another terrifying villain or a blood sucking vampire.

Only time will tell if he is a people’s hero or just another mischief maker. Does he push people around or does he save people from getting pushed? It’s all a mystery.

Watch this space for updates

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