Who’s Hot Who’s Not (IIFA 2008)

Posted on July 14th, 2008 in Fashion, Health & Beauty, Features, News, Stars

Seriously, what is going on these days? This year at IIFA, the males seem to be stealing the show. Maybe its time they teach their wives a thing or two about fashion. Usually, most guys cannot pull of a shiny suit like this, but Fardeen Khan looks nothing short of handsome in it! With those shades and hair gelled back, he looks very sleek. His wife, Natasha, on the other hand looks hilarious! I don’t know who would ever design a gown so atrocious. The top half looks like old curtains and the bottom half is so very strange. Thank you Natasha for giving me a good laugh!!

Rating: Fardeen-HOT! Natasha-NOT HOT!

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