Zara Adams – the new Bond Bollywood Babe?

Posted on April 17th, 2008 in Movies, News

First rumours suggested it might be Shilpa and then Aishwarya and then Bipasha – but now it looks as though Scots-born Bollywood actress Zara Adams may find herself in the new Bond movie, A Quantum of Solace. Zara recently launched her Bollywood career with the movie Aanch and if she lands the part in Bond, it will provide a major worldwide boost for her career.

But Zara is not just a pretty face – she is also an astute businesswoman and runs her own talent-spotting magazine called “The Talent” which showcases young stars on-the-up- much like Zara in fact.

So how does Zara feel about her Bond opportunity? “I don’t know too much about the part at the moment, but it is a good character role as one of the Bond girls with about 15-20 minutes of screen time.”

“Working with names like Marc Forster and Daniel Craig, among others, will be an amazing experience. And to be on a James Bond film as a Muslim Asian woman, would not just open up doors for me but break down barriers for other people as well. That would be the biggest thing I could achieve.”

Kuch Toh Bolo!


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