Bollywood’s New Years’ Resolutions for 2008

Posted on January 2nd, 2008 in Features, Stars

Salman Khan will stop sleepwalking through roles…

He may have had a thundering hit in Partner, but most of the credit falls into Govinda’s lap. Salman on the other hand seems to have lost the will to give us good performances and good films as he hasn’t given even one memorable performance all year. In Salaam-e-Ishq he did nothing but look good and put on a horrible accent. Is Katrina Kaif rubbing off on him?. Even in his special appearance in Saawariya, he barely looked as if he was there. In fact, in each and every one of his roles this year he seemed half-asleep. Let’s hope he wakes up soon and decides to act the way we know he can.

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