The Next Bollywood Star in Madame Tussauds

Posted on August 27th, 2007 in Features, Stars

Madhuri Dixit

Why Madhuri should be voted as the next wax statue:

- She is still considered the queen of Bollywood even after a five-year hiatus.
- Her upcoming film, Aaja Nachle, is being hyped only because it is her comeback film.
- She is one of the very few actresses who can carry a film on her own and expect it to do well at the box office.
- Even at age 40, she is still in the hearts and minds of fans, critics, and directors as one of the top leading ladies in the industry.
- She is exactly what you want from your quintessential Bollywood actress-look good, act well, dance like a dream.

Why Madhuri should not be voted as the next wax statue:

- She has not been seen on screen for a long time, and it may make more sense to have someone more active in the industry represent Bollywood.
- She is not in the news as much as her female counterparts these days.
- More hype can be created from someone who is a big star at the moment, as well as someone who is seen everywhere, the latter which Madhuri lacks.

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