The Next Bollywood Star in Madame Tussauds

Karan Johar

Why Karan should be voted as the next wax statue:

– He has either produced or directed few of the biggest hits in Bollywood history, both domestically and internationally.
– He shoots almost all his films abroad, helping him become quite an international figure, albeit behind the screen.
– He made a wonderful transition from the director’s seat to the host’s seat as part of the hit show, Koffee with Karan.
– He has a great control over the fans and the industry, as they all wait for the next Karan Johar venture.
– The biggest stars of the industry all want to work with him, making him one of the top directors/producers in the industry.

Why Karan should not be voted as the next wax statue:

– He is a filmmaker, which means his fame is limited compared to the actors on the list of candidates.
– He has not made enough films to be considered for such an achievement.
– Although he is representing the industry as a filmmaker, he has garnered more fame as a talk show host, which is coming to an end after this season. No show means less fame.

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