The Next Bollywood Star in Madame Tussauds

Abhishek Bachchan

Why Abhishek should be voted as the next wax statue:

– His Bollywood journey is the true underdog story.
– His last name alone makes him important.
– He is considered to be part of the new brigade who will help lead Bollywood in the future as one of its top, if not the top, actors.
– True talent always wins over at the end, no matter how powerful your name is.
– His father and wife have wax statues, so I’m sure it would mean the world to him if he can join them.

Why Abhishek should not be voted as the next wax statue:

– His father and wife are still more famous than him.
– Although he has accomplished more than he could have imagined, he is still very young and has more to do before his career is over.
– His success has come to him recently and it has not lasted as long as the other candidates on the poll.

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