The Next Bollywood Star in Madame Tussauds

Posted on August 27th, 2007 in Features, Stars

Rani Mukerji

Why Rani should be voted as the next wax statue:

- Many feel her name suits her to describe her role in Bollywood.
- She is one of the most sought after and highest paid actresses in the industry today.
- Her physical features have not stopped her from becoming a force in the industry, proving talent always wins over looks.
- She has delivered some of the best performances seen in recent times and she hasn’t even reached 30 yet.
- She has done all types of roles and has ended up receiving applause for all of them.

Why Rani should not be voted as the next wax statue:

- It may be too early to give her the honor because she still has so much time to achieve even more.
- She is starting to become typecast in the same old crying roles.
- We do not want to hear another speech similar to her award show speeches.

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