Bong! It’s Riya for Maxim!

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Bollywood bongshell Riya Sen livens up the cover of Maxim this month with a black mesh chevron and enticing micro-mini. Inside the magazine, you can find out Riya’s views on platonic love, her favourite sexy movie scene and her favourite bedtime outfit. But how does Riya feel about constantly being defined by her sultry image? “At times, I feel I could have done without it, but then again, I have realised that it’s great,” she confirms, “There are so many people trying to have such an image which has come naturally to me.

Focussing for a moment on her modelling career, Riya recently wowed the audience at the Dubai International Fashion Show in a green creation by Artivijay Gupta. However, it is in film that she really wants to express her talent and she is proud of the family legacy in the profession. “Not everyone is born into a film family and it feels nice to know that people have loved my mother and my grandmother and now expect my sister and me to carry on the legacy,” she says.

Riya may have travelled the world but her favourite place is still Kolkata. “I grew up there and many of my friends are still there but I don’t visit as often as I’d like to,” she explains, “When the family wants to be together for a weekend or a few days, we all head for Kolkata. I love Kolkata the most because of the food, the junk food – especially the puchkas.”

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