It’s Showtime for Neeru Singh

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One of the best reasons for going to see Prince is Neeru Singh. Already being tipped for the top in Bollywood, Neeru has now grabbed the front cover of Showtime in a neat little patterned bikini. “My only concern was that I didn’t want to look like a fat ass in the bikini,” she says. Well, we can assure her that‘s not the case.

How does Neeru feel about her move from TV to the bigger screen? “I wasn’t happy and I wasn’t growing on TV so I decided to leave it,” she explains, “The money may be good, but I never ran after that. I was the only fool who left TV when I had just started making money. I have been in love with films for as long as I remember. I practically used to watch three films every day. I hardly went out and played and didn’t have many friends. You could call me a screwed-up kid.”

Neeru can be seen this week in the below par Phoonk 2, although she carries off her own part very well. Canadian-born and known on TV as Neeru Bajwa, she was also a participant in Nach Baliye 2.

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