Lara Dutta’s A Perfect Square

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Lara Dutta, currently looking forward to the April release of Housefull, loves social networking and has developed a habit she calls 8×8. At 8pm every evening, she answers eight questions at random from her army of admirers. Recently, we’ve learned she loves sailing and would like to have been the magical winged horse Pegasus.

With her perfect smile, it’s no surprise that Lara was recently chosen as the brand ambassador for Colgate. “Lara’s name has been on the minds of the Colgate officials for quite sometime now,” said a spokesman, “And there couldn’t have been a better time to sign on Lara as their brand ambassador.”

Lara has also been busy on the conservation front, supporting the call for more action to protect tigers in India, where numbers have fallen from 5000 to around 1400 in just ten years. “It’s sad to see the extinction of tigers in India. What are we waiting for?” she asks, “For the numbers to reduce from 1411 to 14? Is that when we will act? I think it’s high time we should do something about it. It’s better late than never.”

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