Shekar Kapoor’s ‘Paani’ To Hit Floors In November

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Shekar Kapoor conceived ‘Panni’ (Water) many years ago, but it never quite took off then…but following an announcement at Cannes last year, we now hear that it’s back on track and filming is due to begin this November, with a mid 2012 release date in mind.

Written and directed by Kapoor and with an estimated $35million budget attached, Paani is pitched as a science-fiction romance film, set 35 years in the future, where a Water War breaks out between communities at a time when water is a precious commodity and has become a weapon of social and economic control.

Co-produced by Danny Boyle of Slumdog Millionaire fame and with music from our very own A.R Rahman, Paani is a project extremely close to Kapoor’s heart. Though writing on Twitter recently, Kapoor admitted that it is far easier to make sequels, like Elizabeth 3 or Mr.India 2, but his heart really lies in making Paani.

With sequels being the order of the day in both Hollywood (Transformers 3) and Bollywood (Murder 2), here’s wishing Shekar Kapoor all the success in creating an original film – which if successful, no doubt we’ll be seeing a Paani 2!

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