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Posted on November 15th, 2010 in Editors, News

They say that there are only two ways to enjoy History, make it or parody it. There is no reason both cannot be done in the same evening. Ashvin Gidwani Productions, one of India’s leading production houses when it comes to offering cutting edge theatre and entertainment experiences since the last 18 years, now presents “History Of India – VIRitten”, a stand up comedy show featuring none other than funny man turned actor Vir Das.

Vir Das’s stand up comic act “History Of India – VIRitten” made Mumbai crack up in the aisles on Sunday, 14th November at the Sophia Bhabha Auditorium. Vir Das, presented a comedic journey through the History of India with his inimitable home grown humour. A little fact, a whole lot of fiction, a little satire, a lot of pride and a truly historical experience.

Guests seen enjoying an evening of laughter were Harsh & Mala Goenka, Neeraj & Meenal Bajaj, Arshiya & Rij Eappen, Madhoo Shah, Suchitra Pillai, Mahesh Dattani, Smita & Mohan Jayakar, Vikas Kalantri, Shruti Seth and Imran Khan’s fiancee Avantika Malik amongst many others.

10nov history of india VIRitten01 History of India   VIRitten
Vir Das

10nov history of india VIRitten02 History of India   VIRitten
Actor Shiv Pandit (in blue)

10nov history of india VIRitten03 History of India   VIRitten
Ashvin Gidwani

10nov history of india VIRitten04 History of India   VIRitten
Avantika Malik & Shruti Seth

10nov history of india VIRitten05 History of India   VIRitten
Madhoo Shah

10nov history of india VIRitten06 History of India   VIRitten
Smita Jaykar

10nov history of india VIRitten07 History of India   VIRitten
Suchitra Pillai

10nov history of india VIRitten08 History of India   VIRitten
Vir Das

10nov history of india VIRitten09 History of India   VIRitten
Vir Das

Kuch Toh Bolo!


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