Jhootha Hi Sahi postponed a week!

Posted on October 6th, 2010 in Movies, News

It seems we will all have to wait one more week to get our chance to watch the highly anticipated Jhootha Hi Sahi, starring John Abraham. The movie’s release has been postponed until October 22nd, because there is still some post production work to be done. Director Abbas Tyrewala posted on twitter, “all those waiting for JHS, sorry about the delay. it was inevitable. all those who weren’t, we now have a week more to work on you. icon smile Jhootha Hi Sahi postponed a week! nothing is forever like a film is forever. can’t not get it right for the sake of a release date. and a better film should do better no?”

To hold you over, we will now introduce you to the gang of Jhootha Hi Sahi!

10oct JHS Omar Jhootha Hi Sahi postponed a week!

Omar – the Silent Violent type

Omar is Sid’s 4 a.m. friend. Not that he has a choice. He is also Sid’s neighbour. Omar and Sid met at work when both of them worked at a boring IT company.

Kuch Toh Bolo!


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