Promo of Kunwara from Jodi Breakers

Posted on January 11th, 2012 in Movies, Music, News, Videos

We bring to you the official promo of ‘Kunwara’ from the movie Jodi Breakers. The hit duo Salim-Sulaiman waved their magic wand and produced this catchy number for the movie. Salim is not only the composer but also the singer of this. Remember that previously released video we brought to you earlier showing him jamming the song in the studio?

From the looks of the video it seems that Madhavan’s character is enjoying the perks of being Kunwara aka single, dancing with as many women the room can fit in. In this case it would be the pool can fit in. Also seen in the video is Omi Vaidya in a new avatar.

Is Madhavan the next item boy? Hmmm…watch him groove to the beats of ‘Kunwara’!

The film also sees Bipasha Basu who believes you should only be together if it is true love, while Madhavan does not believe in relationships or love at all, they come together and devise plans to break up other couples.

Kuch Toh Bolo!


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