Kajol reveals her love for Bengali culture

Posted on October 27th, 2012 in News, Stars

Kajol is perhaps one of the most talented actresses around in Bollywood today. In a candid interview with TOI, she discussed how proud she is about her Bengali heritage and her active passion for Bengali culture. Although her mother and former actress Tanuja is Maharashtrian, her late father Shomu Mukherjee was Bengali. When asked about what Bengali things she is into the most, she replied with the following answer: “I am typically Bong in my sweet habits. I love Gojas that my aunt makes, Mishti Doi and Patali Gur from a specific place in Kolkata. Every year, I get 5kgs of the Patali Gur and keep it in my fridge through the year.”

The 38 year old is celebrating Durja Puja with her family and close friends, which is a key month in the Hindu calendar. There is especially a strong excitement about the festival in the East Indian region of West Bengal. When also asked why Bengali women are perceived to be dominating, Kajol gave the following response: “They are the most sweetly dominating women. They always get their way and Bengali men are really happy with that.”

Kajol’s frankness about her Bengali roots makes you think about the following question: will we be seeing her star in a Bengali film anytime soon?

Kuch Toh Bolo!


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