First Look of Meri Shaadi Karao

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What's This?

The entire Mehendi family including Daler Singh Mehendi his wife Niki Mehendi son Gurdeep Mehendi, daughter Ajit Mehendi launched the first look of their forthcoming film Meri Shaadi Karao alongwith the cast of the film Radhika Vaid and Manoj Pahwa.

While they were excited about their debut venture, debutant Gurdeep Singh Mehendi spoke about his role in the film. Ajit Mehendi entertained the audiences with her song from the film. Niki Mehendi had no words to describe her children who are both making their debut in their own ways.

As the title suggests the film is a romantic comedy, which has been shot in the beautiful landscape of Dubai.

The film speaks about marriage which is the turning point in everybody’s life as one steps into  a new journey of life. Those who are fortunate are successful in this journey and those who are unsuccessful are the few unfortunate. However it is the climax which leaves a lasting impressions of romance and emotions on your mind.










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