Pooja Chopra prepares herself for Commando 2

13jul_Pooja-Commando2Every actor prepares themselves before getting into the skin of the character. The new PC junior Pooja Chopra, who displayed her natural skills through her performance in film Commando, is now preparing herself to get into the character of Commando 2. Pooja is a big fan of romantic films and loves to watch chick flicks. And so director Vipul Shah has given Pooja a lost of 150 Movies from all genres.

“Vipul sir wants me to see all kinds of films and understand acting in depth, coz if  choice is left to me I only land up watching rom-coms , I’ve already started doing my homework and watched films like Milk, Help. The dedication and sincerity actors put in, lots to learn from it,” says Pooja Chopra.

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