Shahrukh Khan too materialistic and good-looking for politics?

Posted on October 15th, 2007 in News

At the recent Hindustan Times Leadership Summit; Shahrukh Khan has been quoted saying; “I really appreciate the youngsters who make a decision to join politics because it is a very self-sacrificing job. I’m too selfish and too materialistic to be a politician. I can’t sacrifice my personal gains. I’m also too good-looking to be a politician.”

However even though he may not want to step into the shoes of a politician himself Khan truly understands the importance of politics and he too would like to make changes. “I would like see a more educated India because I feel there is no alternative to education. I would like to contribute to education of children.”

Khan also took the time to apologize on behalf of the entire Bollywood industry for portraying politicians as self centered in movies.

Kuch Toh Bolo!


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