Shruti Hassan and Joi Barua join hands to unite the East & South

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Prithibi Ghure that means – the earth revolves, and is a union of the north east and the south. It is a song sung by musician and composer Joi Barua and his dear friend, actor and musician Shruti Haasan. This fusion melody seems to be trending the online portals at the moment with keen insight being thrown onto the receptiveness of such musical content.

When asked about the collaboration, Joi says, “The song is essentially between two different cultures which are demographically and geographically far apart. It boils down to the man woman conflict of non understanding, but coexistence. The idea being that we might not be with each other in a physical state but will meet beyond, in the bigger universe.”

What started off as an experiment became a song that not only brought diverse cultures together but also highlights the importance of making more such music to promote Indian culture, unity and diversity.

Shruti says, “It’s been an amazing experience working on this song with Joi-culturally, musically and spiritually. It opens up the mind and the music; and it’s always great to collaborate with another musician. I am really glad Joi and I could make a song together that is so unique”

Joi lent his voice to the Assamese element in the song. Shruti on the other hand made sure she involved her father, Mr. Kamal Hassan in writing the Tamil lyrics to ensure the right meaning and balance in the melody. “We were pleasantly surprised at Mr. Haasan’s willingness to work on the lyrics & concept. That’s a mark of greatness. To embrace the unknown, and befriend a stranger” says Joi.

Before the song was officially released the duo performed it at a live event, and were surprised at the response they got from their fans on a song that speaks two languages.


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