Tisca Chopra launches Kiran Manral’s Once Upon A Crush

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14may_TiscaOnceUponACrush01Landmark and Leadstart Publishing hosted the book launch on a summer evening of May’14. The evening saw the launch of blogger Kiran Manral book “Once Upon A Crush”. The book was unveiled by Indian actress, Tisca Chopra.

The event set the tone of a causal, light and a very lively atmosphere. Said Kiran Manral, “Once Upon a Crush is rom com, fun to read and yet emotional as it deals in that phase of life where things of the protagonist don’t go the way it was meant to be that resulted in protagonist questioning everything about herself. The inspiration behind the characters were many women in this age I spoke with who are single in the city and can’t seem to find the right person to settle down with. It was fun talking to them and writing the novel. I hope people will enjoy reading the book. Asked on her definition of love, she said, “Love is at a different level altogether. It is when you know a person’s good, bad and ugly and still you want to be with that person forever and ever and ever.”

Tisca Chopra fondly said, “I enjoy reading Kiran’s book, her last book also was a page turner. The genre of easy reading and happy reading with inevitable style, she keeps you hooked on the book from the first page to the last.”

Ms Madhavi Purohit – Executive Director & Editor in Chief – Fiction said, “The beauty of the book is the topic and the way it has been written. I am sure everyone is going to enjoy reading Once Upon A Crush. Leadstart Publishing is extremely happy to have associated with Kiran Manral and we sincerely thank Ms. Tisca Chopra for gracing us at the event.”

About Once Upon A Crush: Rayna De, stuck in a dead end job with a boss from hell, zero love life and the big 3-O looming large on the immediate horizon, has started to panic a bit. No, make that panic a lot. Enter new object of lust in the office, Deven Ahuja, and Rayna is overpowered by inappropriate visions of Cupid aiming his arrows straight into her heart, with turtle doves doing their billing and cooing act in the backdrop. Alas, Deven is completely out of Rayna’s league despite the contradictory messages he seems to be sending out, and is, as decreed by page three supplements of the city newspapers, the man in the life of the gorgeous, light eyed model-turned-actress Sharbari Raina. As Rayna battles with her crush, shaky employment status and dithers about signing up for domesticity with the approved-by-her-parents Sid Bose, of the multi zero pay package and three-bedroom house, she discovers that life has its own plans…

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