Vir Das gears up for the Battle of Da Sexes

A brand new behind-the-scenes video from the Battle of Da Sexes has been released. The play is a rib-tickling comedy presented by Ashvin Gidwani Productions and features versatile actor Vir Das in dual faces, portraying both the sexes in a humorous way.

The video opens with Vir Das getting dressed for his performance and when the camera focuses on his multi-faceted look, he is seen making faced that are incredibly expressive.

Battle of Da Sexes involves an age old battle between men and women and promises to leave the audience in splits. The show has been designed in an interesting fashion. For couples only, it has a unique seating arrangement, with women on one side and men on the other. The performance that night witnessed a hilarious verbal battle between the two genders, as they defended their own. The next show is on 15th June.


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