“One beautiful neighbor…One rival in love… Two Paranoid parents…It’s hard to be 14!” – Bubble Gum

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Bubble Gum is a fun, frothy and warm coming of an age story of a fourteen year old boy Vedant. He has just stepped out of childhood and is not yet into adulthood. It is while going through turbulent phase of life in his academically critical year – first love or rather infatuation happens to him and sends his world upside down finally leading him to discover the meaning of love, life and relationship in a positive way!


The Cast


Vidur: Sohail Lakhani from Mumbai

Vedant: Delzad Hiravali from Pune

Jenny: Apoorva Arora from Delhi

Ratan: Suraj Singh from Patna

Supporting Kids:

Partho:  Harshvardhan from Kolkata

Ravi: Nischal from Luckhnow

Vineeta: Azeen from Jamshedpur

Mala: Sheetal from Luckhnow

The Parents: Sachin Kheddekar & Tanvi Azmi, Ganesh Yadav & Sita Singh, Ravi Khanvilkar

Adult Cameos: Masud Akhtar, Kamini Khanna, Mukesh Bhatt, Ashima Bhatt


The Crew

Producer: Sushma Kaul

Executive Producer: Sumit Kumar

Story, Script, Dialogues & Direction: Sanjivan Lal (Ftii, Direction)

Additional Dialogues: Rohit Gahlowt (Jajantram-Mamantram)

Cameraman: Anshul Chaubey ( Ftii, Cycle Kick, Saadiyan)

Editor: Suresh Pai (Ftii, Snip, Bheja Fry and many others. Two Times National Award Winner)

Audiographer: Manas Ranjan Chaudhry (Ftii, Chak De India)

Music: Hanif Shaikh (Kismet Konnection, Paathshala), Bapi Tutul (3 Songs), (Khosla Ka Ghosla, Sarkar Raj)

Lyrics: Prashant Pandey

Background: Hanif Shaikh

Action Director: P K Swain

Choreographer: Longinus, Aadil Shaikh, Anthony

Production Designer:  Muneesh Sappal (Rab De Bana Di Jodi)

Media Consultants: Neelam Gupta (Nr2-The Image Engineers)

Casting Director: Honey Trehan


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