Asian Who’s Who Awards 2011 to acknowledge Community Achievers

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The most exemplary members of the Asian community from around the world will be acknowledged once more at the Asian Who’s Who Awards 2011, taking place on Monday 21st November at Dorchester Hotel, Park Lane, London. Now in its 36th year and an institution in itself, the high profile event pays homage to the most influential Asians the world over, who have made a phenomenal contribution to their respective fields and continue to set a shining example to their peers among the global Asian fraternity and beyond.

Filmed by BBC News Television, the coveted Asian of the Year Award will also be presented among the attending host of MP’s, dignitaries, industry leaders, celebrities and VIP’s. The award winner is chosen by an independent panel of eminent advisors, including previous award winners such as Founder and Chairman of Cobra Beer Lord Karan Bilimoria; Baroness Shreela Flather; and Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP. In addition, awards will be presented across the following categories: Asian Leadership in Young Entrepreneur; Asian Leadership in Diversity; Asian Leadership in Community Service; Asian Leadership in Harmony; Asian Leadership in International Business; and Asian Leadership in International Media.

The prestigious award ceremony will coincide with the launch of the annual publication of the Asian Who’s Who International which is regarded as the official UK index of the world’s most inspiring and respected Asian personalities across a host of fields and professions. With the first edition published in 1975, the now annual directory features the most prominent and brightest Asian talents and charts the ascent of the community as it continues to provide shining role models to new generations of Asians who are proving themselves to be assets to their country of residence. The first edition contained 200 entries with the 23rd edition containing over 3,000 entries indicating the significant achievement and progress made by Asians around the world over the years, as they continue to go from strength to strength. The 24th edition, due to be launched in November 2011, will feature more entries than ever before, signifying the level of progress and success being achieved by Asians in contemporary society.

The annual launch of the Asian Who’s Who International publication is an important event for Asian communities around the world. Not only does the weighty book reflect the growing number of achievements by Asians as they continue to contribute to the economic, political, cultural and social activities of their host country, but the event itself presents an opportunity to celebrate the community’s success and for global counterparts to share their stories and inspiration.

One of the most respected leaders of the UK’s ever flourishing Asian community and Founder of Asian Who’s Who International, Mr. Jasbir Singh Sachar says, “It is with great honour and pride that we are about to celebrate the unparalleled accomplishments of a community I am so proud to be a part of and to unveil the 24th edition of Asian Who’s Who International. It all started in 1975. During the 60s and 70s, an influx of Asians from South Asia and Africa arrived in the UK. They made the most of the opportunities they had in their new country. They worked hard in factories, sold newspapers in their corner shops and were not shy of doing any menial job for their survival and to make a decent living in the UK. In fact, these were entrepreneurs and honest people, who made a success in their chosen field of work and continued to break glass ceilings and overcome all challenges along the way.

They started contributing to the economic, political, religious and social activities of their host country, becoming a tangible and intrinsic part of the British economy and life. But there was very little done to recognize them or their achievements. The Asian communities must be identified and recognized for their success and achievements. I am very pleased that our work has continued ever since our launch year, going from strength to strength to reflect the continued celebration of achievements among our communities.”


International Media Entrepreneur Award – CEO and MD of Sterling Media, Natasha Mudhar
Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award – Founder and Chief Executive of Rational FX, Rajesh Agrawal
International Business Award – Global Chairman of TOPSGRUP, Dr Diwan Rahul Nanda

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