Bollywood Music forms part of London’s Trinity College Curriculum

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Trinity College in London will soon be including Bollywood and Indian classical music in its curriculum. This was inspired by the phenomenal success of AR Rahman’s award-winning soundtrack in Slumdog Millionaire.

During a visit to Kolkata, Sarah Kemp, chief executive of the Trinity College said, “We are changing our syllabus to keep it fresh, relevant and contemporary. It should reflect global trends and including Bollywood music is a way of doing that. This brings inclusiveness in our repertoire.”

Explaining the reason behind the syllabus change, Kemp said that Rahman’s music and its international success has played an important role in bringing Indian music to the world platform.

The new syllabus began in January this year and includes Bollywood music, which has been included in the electronic keyboard section of the music examination.

Nick Keyworth, chief examiner of music of the college says that Carnatic music of south India were offered to students under a pilot project in London.

“Depending on the feedback we might include Indian classical music into our syllabus permanently,” he said.

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