Brinda’s Gentle Kiss in London Dreams

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Actress Brinda Parekh was so overwhelmed at the prospect of kissing Salman Khan on the cheek in London Dreams that she was apparently shaking – just as well that Vipul Shah didn’t ask her to do more! Brinda claims that the texture of Salman’s cheek was soft like a child’s. “It is always a lovely experience to work with talented co stars,” she added, “I have had the most memorable time on the sets and hope that the film fulfills my dreams to make a mark in the industry.”

Last seen in Bollywood in Corporate, Brinda has been pursuing an active career down South including Pokkiri, the film on which Salman’s Wanted was based and which also included London Dreams co-star Asin. If London Dreams is the big success everyone predicts, this could see the relaunch of the Mumbai-born actress in Bollywood. Her most recent southern film was Guru En Aalu with Madhavan, a passable remake of SRK’s Yes Boss.

The fashion down South is for women to be more curvaceous than up north, so Brinda was not surprised to be asked to lose some weight for her part. In the end, she succeeded in shifting about seven kilos! “Working down South requires a heavy body with oodles of weight,” she explained, “Vipulji asked me to cut down on some kilos. I was so excited that I readily agreed. But believe me it wasn’t easy. I was on salads for quite a few weeks. Also to acquire a well toned body Vipulji helped me with a personal trainer called Ilona in London. She was a darling but very strict with her schedules.”

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