Comebacks of the Decade

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4. Kajol

It is hard to believe that she ever left the limelight for a few years – mainly because Kajol’s films tend to have longevity to them. Her last film before departing for family life was Kabhi Khushi Kahbie Gham and that film and her performance was so huge that it kept Kajol around even when she physically wasn’t. Regardless, Kajol did leave but she came back and with a bang! Her 2006 return to the silver screen with Fanaa proved that Kajol could still emote and keep us glued to the screen, add in her fresh pairing with Aamir Khan, which was a sight to see and a star was born once again. Something tells me that despite her recent departure to continue family life with her newborn, we will luckily have Kajol coming back in the decade to come.

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