Gulabo Sapera may face legal action for “drugs” charge on Pooja Misrra!

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After being evicted from the Bigg Boss House, one of the first things Rajasthani Kalbelia dancer Gulabo Sapera did was to indulge in defamation and slander towards Pooja Misrra.

Gulabo was quoted saying, “She (Pooja) smokes a lot. So, she went into the smoking zone smoked a cigarette and something else too. I am sure she is on drugs! And then she started behaving like a mad person, broke the mop and all.”

In an interview, Gulabo added, “Pooja would often ask me for incense sticks which I never refused to share until I got to know what she used it for. Honestly, I couldn’t believe when I saw her taking a lit incense stick to the washroom. What on earth will people do with a lit stick in the washroom? I’m sure she would either eat the remains or snort it. Uske baad toh woh badal jaati thi. Pooja is such an addict that she has even stolen those sticks from the packet I had.”

“Gulabo Sapera has maligned Pooja Misrra’s image in print. She should have been wary and careful with words. If Pooja decides to challenge her charges about drugs in the court of law, how will Gulabo be able to prove anything? She should have thought about this before indulging in image assassination on a national scale,” remarks celebrity publicist Dale Bhagwagar, who has handled the media for some of the most controversial Bollywood celebrities including Vivek Oberoi, Shiney Ahuja, Priyanka Chopra, Shilpa Shetty (during Big Brother), Rakhi Sawant, Kashmera Shah, Sherlyn Chopra and Ashmit Patel (Bigg Boss).

Dale, who has elaborately counseled Pooja Misrra over days before she entered Bigg Boss, added, “Many of my past clients on Bigg Boss have been disappointed as they were not permitted to carry a lot of their favourite things on the show. Even books or religious idols are not allowed inside the House.”

“To the best of my knowledge, each and every participant who enters Bigg Boss, goes through a medical fitness test just a few days ago and is thoroughly checked, scanned and screened along with all the baggage, before entering the show,” he explains.

The publicist concludes, “What Gulabo is saying is a case of sour grapes. I might believe, if someone tells me that things can be sneaked into jails, but there is no way anyone can smuggle unwanted materials into the Bigg Boss House without the knowledge of their production crew. It’s impossible. Their security levels are unbreachable.”

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