Iconic Scenes in Bollywood: Part 1

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Movie: Dil To Pagal Hai

The one where he asks have you ever really loved me: No can ever forget that last stage performance when SRK goes off script to try and win Madhuri. We wait for her to call him back but it is Akshay that saves the day, the play and their love. Happys endings.

So there you have our first 20! We planned to only have 20 scenes but then we got to brainstorming and more and more made our list. We got to 50 and we were having way too much fun so then we figured why stop there? Let’s challenge ourselves and list 100. So be sure to check next week to see what the the next 20 will be in our tribute to the Iconic Scenes of Bollywood.

Thanks to Razeen Shameem and Satinder Kaur who helped put together this list.

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