Kalki’s new obsession

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Kalki Koechlin, who is going to be the next fashion diva in B-town has got herself a new obsession these days, no we aren’t talking about Mr. Kashyap… it’s with the boots she had bought from London. Yes, you guessed it right … the much talked about “yellow boots”.

We are talking about the same boots which she wore in the film That Girl In Yellow Boots. She used to wear them all day long while shooting and went back home wearing the same shoes. She was extremely particular about the boots, a source says during the shoot, her boots tore and she sat besides the cobbler and made him mend it under her supervision. They are not regular shoes but are snow boots… and yet they are light, comfortable, and  different from what others wear. She loves to flaunt them every were she goes.

Even recently she was spotted wearing those yellow boots for a magazine photo shoot. Well what do we say; guess Kalki is going to get a new color and trend to the B-town.

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