Main Aur Mrs. Khanna Round Up

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Main Aur Mrs. Khanna is all set for a Diwali release this weekend and expectations are running super high. For starters, the Khan family are so impressed with debutante director Prem Soni, that they have decided to re-sign him on for their next family production to be produced by Salman and Sohail’s brother-in-law, Atul Agnihotri. Apparently, the next film, titled Paris has been in the scripting stages for a while now, much before Main Aur Mrs. Khanna. According to sources, “Atul was impressed after seeing the rush print of the film. He sees potential in Soni and met him the following day. They discussed the possibility of a film together and that’s when the director suggested Paris to him.”

And while all this is a recent occurrence, Kareena Kapoor has quite an interesting story to tell from the shoot. During an outdoor song shoot for the film on a Thai beach, Bebo had to walk into the water on a pebbly beach. However, the actress had barely made it half way before she was cut by a sharp stone. In true filmy style, Kareena nearly collapsed to the ground in pain only to be caught by Salman who carried her to safety. Director Prem Soni added, “Kareena was in this long gown and barefoot. She was in pain. Before we knew it he swooped her into his arms and carried her into a boat. It was a very romantic-looking moment and we couldn’t let it go.” In fact this shot was never a part of the film but was quickly incorporated because of the romantic quotient it entailed.

Kareena went on to explain her relationship with Salman to a leading daily, “Salman has always been very protective. He has been there for me whenever I needed him. That’s partly to do with the fact that my sister Karisma is very close friends with Salman and also his favourite co-star.”

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